About Us

Creative expression knows no boundaries, age or skill, which is why we cater for everyone.

Our city centre store is reputedly one of Ireland's leading stockist's of branded art materials. Our products transcend children's education through to recognised art materials specific to established career artist's and those associated with creative industries such as technical drawing, design and communication.

A colourful and visually lively store, we attracts many creative individuals who are all keen to translate their ideas through the boundless supply of raw materials present. Again knowledgeable staff, who are all practicing artists are ever present to answer any enquiries or offer advice where required.

Now we have embraced the Online world and hope to translate these features to our webstore making it easier for customers through out the UK and Ireland to benefit from our vast product range and experience. If you have any suggestions or comments we would be delighted to hear from you, we are dedicated to constantly improving our range and service.


Opening hours:

Monday - Saturday 9am - 5.30 pm

Thursday - 9am - 7pm

Sunday - 1pm - 5pm