Cotman Watercolour Brush Pen Set from Winsor Newton

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12 Cotman water colours made from the purest pigments. An ergonomically designed brush with its own water reservoir. All packed into a slim, beautifully curved case that fits in your pocket. The Cotman brush pen set allows you to capture moments of inspiration no matter where you are. Add splashes of vibrant colour to your work with all the precision and control of your favourite brush. No mess, no fuss.

Feels like your favourite brush

The brush pen was developed especially for the pocket-sized Cotman set, so it feels just right in the hand. The tactile bobble grip makes it easy to squeeze and control the flow of water to the brush tip when you need it. And thanks to its transparent design the water level is always visible.

The load, spring and point of the beautifully fine synthetic tip gives you all the feeling, control and line versatility of a traditional brush. But because it has its own water source built-in, there are no containers to carry around.

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