Extreme Dot to Dot by Patricia Moffett

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Extreme Dot to Dot by Patricia Moffett

The world has gone activity book crazy, and the trend is set to go even dottier, with Extreme Dot-to-Dot. Unique, challenging and expertly produced, the Extreme Dot-to-Dot are for grown-up kids of all ages who want to relax and unwind and create something from nothing! Extreme Dot-to-Dot invites you to engage with your inner artist, to pick up a pen and create something truly amazing. Taking inspiration from a wide range of inspiring places and locations, this exciting new book is your one-stop shop to help you create art masterpieces, one dot at a time. Beautifully packaged, challenging to perfect, Extreme-Dot-to-Dot lets
you create own magical works of art: all you have to do to join in the fun is join the dots.

- A unique, refreshing and highly challenging join-the-dot adult creativity book aimed at adults
- Extreme dot-to-dot has rarely been seen before; marvel at the complex and skilful talent required to complete each advanced
- Extreme Dot-to-Do

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